Workshop on “SMART WATER MONITORING” EIP Water Annual Conference 26.09.2017, Porto

During the Conference Ctrl+SWAN Action Group in collaboration with the H2020 PROTEUS project and the Ict4Water cluster co-organized a dedicated workshop “Smart Water monitoring: low-cost sensors solutions for high efficiency water monitoring networks” on 26 September 2017.
Monitoring water is more and more crucial and there is a growing demand for cost-effective solutions to control key parameters for our everyday life (e.g. drinkable water) for the environment control (e.g. climate change) or for sustaining or developing importanteconomies which depend on water (e.g. water utility, aquaculture, blue economy, etc). However sensors are still too expensive and potential of data are under exploited. There is therefore a need for R&D in reducing the costs of sensors also combined with advanced use of innovative SW and (big) data/cloud techniques.
The workshop will present the status of current R&D activities on innovative sensors and explore all future applications that such new and affordable sensors can offer. Disruptive technologies, trends for low-cost monitoring solutions, (CNT, MEMS), new methodologies, modelling, sensors and devices will be presented. Topics centre around “from Water to Data” will complement the discussion. Some presentations can be downloded below:



EURECAT_From Water Monitoring to data

ICT4Water cluster_Presentation

SenZ2__Wireless level radar

MARINE INSTITUDE_Sensors for aquaculture

PROTEUS_ General presentation