Theme session “Big and fast data management in the water sector” at European Water Tech Week Leeuwarden 2018

EIP Water Action Group Ctrl+SWAN in collaboration with Water Alliance and Brightwork will co-organize 3 dedicated theme session during European Water Tech Week Leeuwarden 2018 September 24 – 27th 2018: “Digital disruption in the water utility value chain”.

The global water technology sector is increasingly organized in hubs. The European Water Tech Week Leeuwarden 2018 (EWTW 2018) will connect these hubs in Leeuwarden, the United Nations Innovating City for water technology. The event will focus on the question how multidisciplinary cooperation can help to solve societal challenges around water.

The theme sessions, will be focusing on:

Session 1 – New sensor technology in the water industry

Session 2 – Big data and fast data, where to start?

Session 3 – How to create a digital disruption in the water utility value chain?

Starting with a helicopter view we will convert to sensoring, dataflow and data analysis to create building blocks for sensible data management. International business cases, innovative technology and future prospective in the sector will be presented. The theme sessions will be used to create cross links between companies, research centers, water utilities and universities and collaboration opportunities for new H2020 proposals. You are invited to join, save the date!

Further information see , or contact Hans Wouters at or Anna Di Mauro at

The presentations of the 3 theme session can be downloded below:

BRIGHTWORKS: RFID technology in the water industry a profitable business case in fast data

WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITY: Do’s and don’ts in big and fast data analysis, lessons learned

SENSILEAU: Trends in sensor technologies for the water industry

EURECAT AND ICT4WATER cluster: Collaborative and autonomous intelligence towards water predictive management

MENISCUS: MAP Sewer Predictive analytics for sewer networks