Sensor Description

Water In situ analyZer (WIZ) is the state of the art portable “in-situ” probe, to measure up to four chemical parameters continuously in surface waters or marine environments. The innovative design allows an easy handling and field deployment by the user. WIZ probe allows, in the standard configuration, the detection at trace levels of four nutrient parameters (ortho-phosphate, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate). WIZ probe autonomously manages the well tested spectrophotometric wet chemistries and an advanced fluorimetric method for ammonia measurement. Results are directly provided in concentration units; all measured values are stored with date, time and sample optical density (O.D.). The same data are remotely available through a RS-232 serial communication port, which allows the complete probe configuration and remote control using the external Windows® based WIZ Control Panel software.

Water matrix

Groundwater, surface water, drinking water, waste water, brackish and sea water.


Available applications

ParameterMethodTypical rangeMDL
AmmoniaFluorimetric OPA, EX/EM: 370/420÷ 470 nm 0-0.5 mg/L as N-NH3< 5 µg/L
BODFluorimetric Trtypthophan like, EX/EM 280/360 nm0-20 up to 500 mg/L<0.5
TOC/CODDirect reading at 254 nm, correction at 550 nm0-50 up to 200 mg/L< 1
Nitrate+NitriteUV photoreduction to NO2 + NED-SAA0-1 mg/L as N-NO3< 30 µg/L
NitrateVCl3 reduction to NO2 + NED SAA0-0.5 mg/L as N-NO3< 5 µg/L
NitrateDirect reading at 220 nm, correction at 270 nm0-10 mg/L as N-NO3< 5 µg/L
NitriteNED-SAA0-0.25 mg/L as N-NO2< 3 µg/L
Nitrogen TotalUV oxidation to NO3, UV photoreduction to NO2, NED+SAA0-5 mg/L as N< 0.1
Nitrogen TotalUV oxidation to NO3 + UV 220 direct reading 0-10 mg/L as N< 0.2
OrtophosphateMolibdate/Ascorbic acid0-1 mg/L as P-PO4< 6 µg/L
SilicatesSilicomolybdate/Ascorbic acid0-2 mg/L as SiO2<0.05
SulphonammideNED-NO20-0,5 mg/L < 2 µg/L
Total PhosphorousHT digestion, UV oxidation, Molybdate/ Ascorbic0-0.5 mg/L as P

Technology readiness level

dic-06 giu-08 ott-08 gen-09 apr-09 giu-09 lug-09 set-09 dic-09




Technology references and applications reported in scientific papers

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Technical information on Manufacturer’s  website

  • On-line sensor
  • Medium speed
  • Multiparametric
  • Chemical misures
  • Outdoor use
  • Fotovoltaic panels charge
  • Hight cost