Sensor Description

Micromac-1000 is a portable and on-line analyzer, available either in mono or sequential multiparametric configuration (MAC-1000 MP), providing the highest level of analytical automation, based on combined high sensitivity colorimetric and fluorimetric analytical wet-chemistry methods. The analyzer can measure any type of water samples; a wide range of applications is available, including high sensitivity methods for nutrients analysis in seawater. Microma-1000 can perform in a full automated way very complex analytical cycles; the results are displayed in concentration units and provided through the analogic or the RS-232 port.

Water Matrix

Groundwater, surface water, drinking water, waste water, brackish and sea water

Available applications

ParameterMethodMeasurement ranges
AlkalinityMethyl orange0-100 mg/L up to 20g/L CaCO3
AlluminumEriochrome cyanine R0-0.4 up to 10 mg/L as Al 2+
AmmoniaPhenate / Salicylate 0-0.2 up to 200 mg/L as N-NH3
AmmoniaOPA (fluorimetric)0-0.2 up to 1.0 mg/L as N-NH3
Arsenic Total dissolvedArsine struipping + molybdenum blue0- 0.5 mg/L
BoronAzomethyne H0-2 up to 50 mg/L as B
CalciumBlue-Methylthymol0-5 up to 200 mg/L as Ca2+
ChlorideMercuric II thiocyanate / ISE0-100 up to 500 mg/L as Cl-
Chlorine free & TotalDPD0-0.5 up to 10 mg/L as Cl2
Chromium 6+Diphenylcarbazide0-0.3 up to 30 mg/L as Cr6+
Color420 nm abs.0-100 Pt-Co units
CopperBathocuproine0-0.1 up to 20 mg/L as Cu2+
Cyanide Index Pyridine0-0.3 up to 300 mg/L as CN
Ethylene GlycolPurpald0-15 up to 50 mg/L
HardnessMg/EDTA0-10 up to 500 mg/L as CaCo3
Hydrazinepdimethylamobenzaldehyde0-0.1 up to 5 mg/L
Iron Total dissolvedTPTZ0-0.1 up to 1000 mg/L as Fe2+
ManganeseFormaldoxime0-0.5/1/2.0/5.0/10/20/50 mg/L
NickelIodine0-0.5 up to 30 mg/L as Ni
Nitrate+NitriteUV photoreduction to NO2 + NED-SAA0-0.2 up to 1000 mg/L as N-NO3
Nitrate+NitriteHydrazine reduction to NO2 + NED SAA0-5 up to 1000 mg/L as N-NO3
Nitrate+NitriteVCl3 reduction to NO2 + NED-SAA0-0.2 up to 1000 mg/L as N-NO3
NitriteNED-SAA0-0.05 up to 20 mg/L as N-NO2
Nitrogen TotalUV oxidation to NO3, UV photoreduction to NO2, NED+SAA0-5 up to 1000 mg/L N
Phenol Index4-aminoantypyrine0-0.1 up to 0.50 mg/L
OrtophosphateMolibdate/Ascorbic acid0-0.2 up to 200 mg/L as P-PO4
SilicatesSilicomolybdate/Ascorbic acid0-0.2 up to 200 mg/L as SiO2
SulfideMethylene blue0-2 mg/L
Total PhosphorousHT digestion, UV oxidation, Molybdate/ Ascorbic
ZincZincon0-0.5 up to 1000 mg/L as Zn

Technology readiness level


giu-90 giu-91 set-91 gen-92 mag-92 mar-94 giu-94 dic-95


Technology references and applications reported in scientific papers

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Technical information on Manufacturer’s website  

  • Online sensor
  • Medium speed
  • Multi parameters
  • Chemical misures
  • Outdoor use
  • Fotovoltaic panels charge
  • Medium cost