Cloud for SWAN

Cloud for SWAN
Department of Industrial and Informatics Engineering (DIII) of the Second University of Naples (SUN) proposes solutions for cloud infrastructures with: – High performance: unlimited computational resource and pay per use – Scalability: easy integration of new resource for management increasing workloads – Location awareness: users and sensor can connect anywhere – Real time: low latency for defined services – Embedded devices process and transmit sensor data. Local gateways collect and forward heterogeneous information to the Internet  Big data technologies are used according to application requirements:

  • Time series db for storing real time sensor data
  • Big tables for very large amounts of single-keyed data with very low latency
  • Key value stores for in memory collection of ready to process data
  • Graph database for unstructured, graph efficient and semantic information Cloud technologies are used to distribute computational workloads and storagesOther application domains:
  • Water networks
  • Smart Grids
  • Cultural heritage
  • Smart cities
  • Online sensor
  • Speed
  • Chemical reagents
  • Energy autonomous