Marco Doveri

Since 2008, researcher at the Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources (National Research Council of Italy). In-house responsibility for hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical studies, which are carried out on fractured, karst and porous aquifers.The main research projects are aimed at: 1) assessing the qualitative and quantitative aspects of surface water and groundwater; 2) defining the conceptual/numerical models of the systems under study; 3) defining the human impact on water bodies, especially in coastal and landfill zones and in relation to the safeguard zones of the drinking water abstractions; 4) evaluating the potentiality of the hydrothermal and geothermal systems. Principal activities conducted are: pumping/slug tests, water level and flow-rate data collection, sampling water for chemical and isotopic analysis, chemical-physical and piezometric monitoring, data elaboration to define the aquifer conceptual model, and numerical modeling.