Francisca Gomez

Expert in R&D financing advisory, strategic support, project brokerage, negotiation and technology transfer. Wide network of contacts with research institutions, technological centres, universities and enterprises. Extensive knowledge ofEuropean R&D Programmes and international financing sources. Expert evaluator of EU proposals. Strategic advisory on research and innovation opportunities at the European and international scale. Optimisation of financing strategies. Identification and development of new research and innovation priorities, products and markets. Support to management, promotion and negotiation of R&D proposals and projects. Promotion of EIP on Water among the Spanish water sector and the defense of their interests at the regional, national and international levels. I have participated as an assesor for the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness on this and several other EIPs (Sustainable Agriculture, Smart Cities). As a result of the efforts done, the level of participation of Spanish entities in this year calls (both EIP and FP7) has been extremely sucessful. Apart from the defence of the sector interests, I have also been responsible of the development of the innovation and research strategic agenda and the coordination of projects promoted by the SWTP’s members. Other issues I have taken care of are the relationships with SWTP’s members and coordination and cooperation with governmental authorities, technological platforms and associations. Also, generation of Web contents, management of SWTP’s services, design, development and evaluation of research proposals and events and technical seminars organisation.