Dario Longobardi


The undersigned, a graduate in Civil Engineering Sec. Hydraulics at the University of Naples Federico II in 1993, is specialized in the management of water systems , oriented to the development of technologically innovativeideas for the solution of specific problems in the complex urban fabric of reference. In 2004 he held a Master ‘s Degree in Sanitary and Environmental Engineering at the University of Naples “Federico II”. In April 2011 and obtained from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department of Civil Protection, the Public Certificate of Merit – 1st Class III range . From the complex and qualified for study and research outcome is a significant wealth of expertise and professionalism able to qualify the project activities shall be construed to confer and implement skills and knowledge to the new entity that is intended to be . Professional Experience The undersigned has collaborated with the Sarno Basin Authority is in the preparation of Extraordinary Plans for the hydrogeological that part of the update of the PAI as an expert in hydraulic modeling . He collaborates with the Consortium Aqueduct Flegreo in the management of the water supply of the city of Pozzuoli as a prosecutor and is the designer of ‘ ” Modernization of the water network and remote control ” of the city of Pozzuoli with which you have implemented the system on the territory into districts and the it is implemented by monitoring the utilities of some buildings . Gets the Consortium Aqueduct Flegreo various professional assignments for the Executive design buildable Works to upgrade the water and sewerage system of the city of Pozzuoli in the ” Integrated Water Cycle Management Services and Work Adjustment water supply and sewerage ” between 2010 and 2012. It has been Independent study of a proposed riperimetrazione bands and relative hydraulic hydraulic hazard within a portion of the municipality of Solofra (AV) in 2010. In 2009, a consultant in the field of Hydraulic Design of the interventions of ” Urgent works for the construction of drainage of rainwater away from Arenella Pillars of locations in the town of Ischia .” Other useful information From 2008 to 2009 lends its scientific and technical advice in the preparation and realization of the hydraulic modeling of two-dimensional and unsteady phenomena of flooding a stretch of the stream Solofrana . From 2008 to 2009 the activities of design , construction management and safety coordination during planning and execution for the “Work of the utmost urgency to restore the sewer in the building complex of Bagnoli In 2005, hydraulic consultant to the editors of the University of compatibility Hydraulic projects for I24 and I10 , respectively called ” Project for the protection and preservation of the biodiversity of the vegetation complex of the Hill Montevergine located in the municipality of Ottaviano and environmental rehabilitation and landscaping of the surrounding areas of invitation to the park ” and “The Gate of the Park ” – Reintroduction of some emergencies Flora and faunistica around the Medici Palace , rehabilitation of green areas along the park entrance road Ottaviano- Monte Somma and elimination of some elements of the landscape detractors ” under the measure POR Campania 1.9.