Daniela Tulone

Daniela is an IoT and big data innovator and entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability and smart cities. She is the founder and CEO of Sense4Green, an innovative startup that offers advanced solutions for real-time automatic monitoring, on-line big data analytics, and anomaly detection/localization, such as leaks and transients. Their target is to improve the operational efficiency of water infrastructures, detect/localise anomalous events and trends that can anticipate them, and support decisions. Daniela has a broad R&D experience, having worked for 15 years in research labs mainly in the USA, such as MIT and Bell-Labs, and also at the European Commission. Her current work focuses on the design of innovative solutions for water and energy management, big data analytics and management, large-scale distributed secure systems, distributed intelligence, adaptive systems to improve resource utilisation and robustness, and statistical modeling. Daniela holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Pisa and MIT, a M.S. in Computer Science from NYU, a B.S. and M.S. in Mathematics and in Industrial Modelling from University of Catania. She received several national and international recognitions for her innovative work.

Sense4Green www.sense4green.it