Armando Di Nardo

Assistant Professor
Armando Di Nardo

Armando Di Nardo is PhD in Civil Network and Environmental systems and Assistant Professor in Hydraulic Infrastructure at Second University of Naples. Since 2014 is the Coordinator of European IP Water Action Group CTRL+SWAN (Cloud Technologies & ReaL time monitoring + Smart WAter Network) and obtained the National Academic Qualification as Associate Professor.

His research and teaching interests are in water management in general, and urban water systems and hydroinformatics in particular. His work is focused on decision support methodologies for water and wastewater infrastructure management. In particular, the research topics are the development and adoption of modelling and optimisation techniques for management and protection of water resources, as drinking water and water reservoir, and for remediation of contaminated groundwater by  permeable reactive/adsorptive barriers. The research uses some innovative techniques: fuzzy logic, heuristic optimization algorithms (genetic algorithm, graph partitioning, graph clustering, multi-agents, etc.), linear and non-linear identification models (AR, ARX, ARMAX, neural networks, etc.), hybrid modeling and a pilot site of Monterusciello in Pozzuoli (NA, Italy) developed during an European research project.
He was co-lecturer for the courses of Hydraulic Infrastructure at Second University of Naples and, from 2010, responsible of the courses of Water System Management, Hydraulic and Water Treatment Systems and Building Hydraulic Systems at Second University of Naples.
He was scientific adviser over the past 15 years with clients including some Italian Water Utilities, research centers and Italian businesses. Further, he was involved as advisor and fundraiser in many national and European research project as PON Cluster C10, MEDOCC INTERREG IIIB HYDRANET,  POR WAMAC, POR Pugliatech SI.S.CO., PON DI.MO.DI., POR VETRINA,  PON STARTUP CHEESE.
He has published over 100 papers on national and international journals and conference proceedings and some books and book chapters. He is also the reviewer of several national and international journals and chairman at international congress.
Further he was the cofounder of the startup incubator HUB spa, experimenting coworking, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, startup acceleration in South of Italy, and cofounder of the academic spinoff Environmental Technologies srl.
He is the ERASMUS and International delegate of Faculty of Engineering of Second University of Naples.
He was the City Councillor of the third town of Regione Campania with some delegated powers: Integrated Water System, Environmental Remediation, Innovation, City Planning.