Best Available Technology (BAT)

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What′s BAT

# Best Available Technology 

The operator has to use the very best possible way to protect the environment that can be economically justified:

# BEST means most effective in achieving a high general level of protection of the environment as a whole

# AVAILABLE technology means those developed on a scale which allows implementation in the relevant industrial sector, under economically and technically viable conditions, taking into consideration the costs and advantages.

# TECHNOLOGY includes both the technology used and the way in which the installation is designed, built, maintained, operated and decommissioned


Apply to water the concept of BAT as in other engineering fields.

Known Technologies already exist in the field of water network (i.e. smart metering, network partitioning, pressure control, leakage detection, etc.) but they are not required by law or suggested by law but it is not explained

How to do

  • The IDEA is to propose to the European Commission the introduction of reference document/guidelines for BAT (Best Available Technology) for Smart Water Network (leakage, quality, quantity etc..).
  • EIP WATER ACTION GROUPS could work right across different water sector for the scouting of possible Best Available Technology through the:

– identification of the key issues for the sector

– examination, creation and research of the technology most relevant to address these key issues

– identification of the best SWAN performance levels, on the basis of the available data in the European Union and worldwide

  • EUROPEAN COMMISSION could validate the possible Best Available Technology to be applied to the SWAN through the examination of the conditions under which these environmental performance levels were achieved, such as costs, cross-media effects, and the main driving forces involved in the implementation of the technology.