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The Action Group CTRL+SWAN (Cloud Technologies & ReaL time monitoring + Smart WAter Network) is devoted to the development of innovative sensors and technologies to integrate and implement into water distribution networks, with the broaden goal to introduce the new paradigm of SWAN as a key subsystem of the notion of Smart City. The mission can be summarized in different topics: a.Smart Water Networks Technologies and Software; b. Smart quality sensors for water protection; c. Best practice and Best Available Technologies (BAT) on SWAN; d. Action of pressure for European water directive and road maps.


In order to transform the traditional Water Systems in modern Smart WAter Networks (SWAN), Ctrl+Swan will perform the following actions: 1. Take part as Advisory board and Stakeholder to EU project; 2. Industrialize pre-industrialized products (sensors, software, etc.); 3. Transform R&D results into powerful engineered products/services and solutions to create value and take over a leadership position; 4. Participate to international congress to strength current relationships, generate new ones and disseminate results; 5. Have an active participation to R&D project /Horizon 2020


The activities of the AG Ctrl+SWAN are focused on research and development of innovative smart sensors analyzing the new possibilities offered by the implementation of real time and on-line measurements in water resources both in terms of network management and user safety. Essentially the main research activities are: I. develop innovative smart sensors to be placed on smart water networks for online detection of microbiological and/or physical-chemical parameters; II. design decision support systems to define optimal partitioning and sectorization of SWAN to improve the management and the protection of water supply systems; III. realize and implement a smart platform to collect and manage data from sensors in an early warning system based on cloud technologies.